Understanding Billing

MoonQube uses an hourly billing model that is simple and adaptable, enabling you to constantly add, resize, change, and delete services during the month. Once the month is over, you will receive an invoice for the hourly usage of each service up to the monthly price cap for each service.

  • Every service on offer by MoonQube has a set monthly rate (monthly price cap) in addition to the hourly rate.
  • When a service is configured, charges will accrue on the account at the hourly rate up to the monthly price cap. Any accrued charges are displayed in the Billing tab in the MoonQube Console.
  • MoonQube uses a monthly billing cycle, so you will see a new invoice generated on the first day of each month, including the prior month's usage.

If you use a service month after month, your bill will be predictable. You will never be billed more than the monthly rate for each service, excluding any network transfer overages. If a service is only used for part of a month, hourly billing ensures you are only charged for the time the service was active on your account.

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