Plan Type - Standard

MoonQube's Standard Qubes are our shared CPU compute virtual machines. These Qubes are our most affordable virtual machines that offer fantastic price-to-performance benefits. These Qubes are healthy balances on all the resources so that they are usable for multiple applications. The CPU allocations for these Qubes are shared with other Standard Qubes but don't worry. MoonQube is constantly monitoring and balancing our environment so that it is improbable you will run into a neighbor that is greedy with their CPU usage.

Potential Use Cases:

  • Low traffic web sites
  • Personal Blogs
  • Forums
  • Low traffic databases
  • Development and staging servers
  • Worker nodes for container orchestration


Resource Size Range
vCPU Cores 1-32 Cores
Memory 0.5 - 192 GB
Storage 10 - 3840 GB NVMe Disk
Outbound Network Transfer 0.5 TB — 20 TB
Outbound Network Bandwidth 1 Gbps - 20 Gbps
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