How are shelved Qubes billed?

Shelved Qubes are only billed for their storage and their IP address. Storage is billed at $0.10/GB of storage and $4 per month for the Primary assigned IP address. If the price of the storage plus the IP address is more than the monthly cost of the instance, it will be rounded down to the monthly cost of the instance.

If the Qube has an attached volume for its boot device when shelved, your Qube billing while shelved will only include the cost of the IP address at $4 per month because the volume cost will be billed separately under volumes.

If additional IP addresses beyond the 1 included are attached to this Qube when shelved, you will still be billed at the Extra IP or Floating Ip address pricing of $5 per month per IP.

Standard Qubes

Plan Monthly Cost for Shelved Instance
st1.nano $3
st1.micro $5
st1.small $9
st1.medium $12
st1.large $20
st1.xlarge $36
st1.huge $68
st1.planetary $132 $196
st1.galactic $260
st1.universe $388

Memory Qubes

Plan Shelved Monthly Cost
m1.xlarge $9
m1.huge $14
m1.planetary $24
m1.galactic $44
m1.universe $64
m1.multiverse $84
m1.omniverse $104

Compute Qubes

Plan Shelved Monthly Cost
c1.medium $12
c1.large $20
c1.xlarge $36
c1.huge $68
c1.planetary $132 $196
c1.galactic $254
c1.universe $504
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