How do I SSH into my Qube?

To SSH into your Qube, you will need to have created your Qube with an SSH key. If you have not created an SSH key, you can create one by going to Cloud -> SSH keys

Creating an SSH Key

Click the plus icon to begin the creation of a new SSH key and give it a name. Now you can generate a new key by clicking the Generate New Key button. This will create a public key and a private key. We recommend saving a copy of the private key locally for your records.

Now click Save Key. You will now see your SSH key. Click on it. Under Key content, you will find your public key. This is what you will use to SSH into your Qube.

Assigning an SSH Key

You can now create a Qube with your SSH key. Be sure to select the correct key under the SSH key when creating your Qube. You will also need to make sure your Qube has a public IP address in order to SSH in.

You can now load up your SSH program of choice, (Termius, PuTTY, etc) and enter the IP address of your Qube. When you are prompted for an SSH key use the public key that you assigned to your Qube.

If you run into issues, be sure to check that the security group your Qube is a member of has SSH traffic (port 22) allowed on it.

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