How do I create a network port?

Note: This is for creating a virtual port to give to a device on your network. For allowing TCP/UDP port traffic through your network, see How do I create a Security Group?

To create a network port go to Cloud -> Ports. Click the blue plus icon. This will open a menu with options to create a port.

Give your port a name. Enable admin state enables the port and should remain checked.

Select a network for your port to exist on.

Now select a subnet for your port to be on. If you'd like to use a fixed IP address, you can choose that instead.

Optionally you can also manually set a MAC address for your port. If you do not set one, it will be configured automatically.

Set a vNIC type. If you do not need a specific vNIC type, you can leave it as normal. You can also optionally give a binding and a description to your port. Now click Create and your port will be created.

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